Which Outfit Do I Wear When Awarding A Prize?

I recently talked with my colleague about prices. So now, not the ones that daily bounce on labels of food or clothing.

We have talked about the prices of authors. There are many things. Some are endowed-in others one is glad about glory and honor. What almost all have in common: There is a prize loan. While my friend had already gathered the words for the thanksgiving, I was confronted with a very different problem. You never know. Perhaps one of those who give me the hollow tooth or something. And also when I am speechless at the makeshift stage, the clarification of the question: What do I wear on a prize loan? Seemed to me more important.

Whether you believe it or not… barely two weeks had passed, already this question was brought to me… Okay, okay… so quite is not true. Actually, this question was someone’s own and this e-mail happened to me. Or perhaps I was also within hearing range of a conversation, in which this question was loud. But why or why, it does not matter… For there are surely in the everyday life moments which equal a price loan. Gaaaanz for sure…. Be it that the children once wear on hands and finally give the award “Mum of the year”.The fact that I for example my mother’s day gifts usually unfrisiert, sleep drunk and in the night shirt, I leave at the point times times.

An Army Of Stylists

If I think of a prize loan, I immediately have grandiose evening scenes, which in the best case also fit the wearer. But these are usually the really big events, the Oscars, the Grammys or why always over the large pond, the Bavarian film price. Okay, they have an army of stylists to help them choose their outfits. But even if a prize is not broadcast on the TV and does not attract much attention, be it in the club or because of an honorary activity or or or… Well attracted would be nevertheless nevertheless and therefore I have times thoughts about my quite personal Price loan. And I have come to the conclusion that it is all about the feeling of well-being.

WohflÜHlen At The Price

For me the feel-good factor would be the most important criterion for choosing my wardrobe. Of course, always take into account what kind of event it is. If the prize is awarded in the evening or I can close it immediately after breakfast in the arms. These circumstances are all part of my decision, not to forget: the industry in which one can be lucky as a prize-winner. It is a political award – a bit more serious, a media prize-who are accustomed to grief or the green thumb for honorary city park care. Everything is not so easy-and yet-the most important thing is the feel-good factor.

Jeans And Sneakers Vs. High Heel

What good is the most beautiful 13 cm high-heel, if I under the eyes of all, felt three hours needed to come to the podium. Or tight, long skirts… very beautiful to look at. But run or sit in it… there should be a slightly masochistic vein. Besides, I assume that the excitement is quite high… and so a gallant dribble must be able to endure. For my part, I would probably rather tilt from the slates than arrive somewhere. Since jeans, T-shirt and sneakers sound very tempting.On the other hand, be underdressed and leave an opportunity to break up unused? Neee, this is also not an option.

Pleated Skirt In Mid-Length

So my decision falls on a meddling.. not totally casual, but the 5000 euro robe is not synonymous. And do not forget: My prize is completely fictional and I decided to go for an afternoon event. Of course, I have my children with whom I have previously promised extra pocket money, for exuberant applause. The pleated skirt in Midilänge, which glimmers so wonderfully and of which I have so recently raved so. A slightly casual blouse and to round off the wonderful, soft cashmere scarf from thembaprograms.com. This is, by the way, a press sample-just as the big stars do in their performances. The scarf fits beautifully with the delicate blue to the styling. Due to its wonderful texture and size it can also be placed wonderfully as a light cape over the shoulders.

10% At Neyo.

If the look of a fictitious price loan is not appropriate, then I do not know. In addition, I assume that I am still missing the words. Before my thanksgiving ends in helpless stammering, the scarf could also be wrapped wonderfully around the head. You see-a versatile application. The finest is always the end: in the shop of neyo. You’ll get 10% if your connydoll10 is typing into the voucher field. The discount code is valid for the whole range except vouchers. And you know how much I like the label neyo. To the heart. You will find sustainable and lovingly crafted pieces made of the finest wool and fine cashmere. Just right for the upcoming cold days and just for a prize. Now I’m going to ask my girlfriend if she already has the Thanksgiving and I wish you a great week.

Scarf: neyo. -The  ultrafine scarf is from the collection mint & terra and really hauchzart and from great cashmere. 
Rock: Topshop-I searched and searched and that was the only pleated skirt  (Affiliatelink Zalando) that I could pay and that looked at least a bit like the one I’d discovered at the styling fairy. I like thefold midi  skirt by mbyM (Affiliatelink Zalando) very well. 
Blouse: H & M-I only found a blouse by BOSS Orange  (Affiliatelink Impressions), which is similar to the cut. My H & M I bought last year.
Shoes: Cafe Noir – Metallic Pumps are really an ingenious purchase – they fit into so many different stylings and from Michael Kors I have found beautiful pumps (Affiliatelink Zalando). 
Bag: DIY


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