The Parade of Plural in Minas Trend

Yesterday the day was hectic for whoever went through the Expominas. That’s because, in addition to the business Hall of the Minas Trend, also happened four parades: Ellus, Natalia Person, Plural and Anne est Folie. The last two closed the day.

We love follow the work of the mining and brands your maturity and ability to observe, each season, surprising with innovative raw materials and unique details. And that’s how the Plural fashion show.

With an unusual theme-“House in order”–You and Leticia Lion Soha tried to translate in form of clothes the afetividades a home. And they succeeded. To open the parade, were chosen looks printed on linen, making mention of the tablecloths and upholstered sofas. The print unique, developed by Thiago Froes, brings the adornments of a joyful and striking home.

Interesting are also the gold pieces, which were worked on two different bases: sweatshirt and voala. The Sweatshirt ensures the comfort that everyone wishes–and also brings out the warmth of home–and the wired metallic voala ensures the lightness that the station asks.

Finally, gold parts, developed in a metallic jersey, reminiscent of pajamas-and also the silver of the House.

In addition to large, fluid shapes , which reaffirm the desire for comfort, it is also worth highlighting the accessories of the parade. All are designed in co-creation with the Plural, by the designer Carlos Penna. The sandals, made with goat came from Pernambuco, resemble slippers. Already the earrings, bracelets and necklaces, were inspired by items from the House, for example, the batter was. Highlights also include the white handbags, developed with Astroturf. It’s very creative, huh?

Glaucia still surprised with parts developed with 3D printer technology. Four looks, which are part of an exhibition of Minas Trend, surprised on the catwalk. Learn more about this work here.