Osteroutfit – a Line in Blue

Thank you very much for your great comments on the 40-second varnish.I was really happy to learn a bit about your nail polish routine and learned a lot.

 The feil technics at the end, which has me Jeannette advised, I have immediately implemented and find the result really grandios. How do you know that the nail polish tips always go first flutes? But also with the Topcoat I got new tips… So far, I have always used the Essie, but it is actually quite viscid and therefore I will now look at the times of you overpainted…. THANK YOU!!! But today I’m not going to paint… today I wanted to pass my Easter outfit. The detail photo for the nail varnish had to be used. And you can get more from Findjobdescriptions.

Easter Was Light Blue

But what was only for my outfit… in which I once completely maintained, the “most valuable” frozen… Yes-differently one can not say that. I also do not know what has ridden me to wear such an outfit on winter easter… The madness probably. And yes, I had a pantyhose on… but instead of the thin nylon thing, I wanted woolen stockings-but they would have admitted, the whole combination blown… As always, the woman Mama always said so wisely: “Who wants to be beautiful must suffer “And that fits now also perfectly-because my outfit is indeed something sowed from 1950 and 1960-years. Since the designers had already discovered the A line for the woman. Since the informative blogpost of the fashion whisperer, in which she has summarized the trends for this year’s Chanelshow, I know that the A is coming twice this year. 

Double A-Line With Skirt And Short Jacket

And honestly, I’m totally thrilled with the combination… I find this double A, creates a very exciting silhouette and the combination looks totally different when you only see it with the sweater… The exhibited shortbla is by the way already 15 years old and I’ve often wondered if I’m separated from him and I’m glad I’ve kept him every time… You’ve seen the rock in my contribution to the Moskito invasion… But now I’m very excited about what you do To my A-line experiment says… A wonderful, relaxed spring sunday I wish you-Conny:-*