Mining Model Is Featured in Spfw

Ends today 42 Edition of the biggest fashion week of Latin America. The season, which marks a transitional period of the event, was very different from the usual. Fewer parades, smaller space and many performances throughout the city. But even with so many transformations in the SPFW, one thing doesn’t change: the casting full of talented models–between tops and new promises of brazilian fashion.

And a model who stood out in this edition was the mineira Julia Aguilar. With 17 years and only 1 year and 10 months, Julia was in the main event and won shows makeup artists and stylists.

Julia lent your floor light and delicate beauty to Animale, Reinaldo Lourenço, Vitorino Campos, Lolitta, a. Brand, Gloria Coelho and Ratier.Seven parades is a good number considering that happened many external shows and thus it was impossible for the models get a presentation after another.

The season began with a radical change to Julia: she cut her hair and did fringe. “I almost cried for a haircut. But then, I like! I think this change in visual is good to help me in my career. My haircut was one Zee Nunes’s suggestion. He who gave that idea! “, he says. Zee Nunes is one of the most famous photographers of today, that is, if he spoke, Julia can trust.

And you know what Julia more like in this issue SPFWtransN42? The parade of Animale. “I’ve been doing it on a runway was never that big. The catwalk was huge! It was really cool! “.

But not everything is flowers. Also had things not so nice like that. What was more annoying, Julia? The preparation of beauty to the parade ofRatier. “They had to pull my bangs out of my face and still win a wet effect on the hair. Then, they spent a lot-a lot-gel and spray fixative”. Imagine taking all this hair then? Boring even. There are times when model suffers, did you?

Now, Julia is in Belo Horizonte by the end of the year. And we’re here hoping, in February, she does a lot of success on the international catwalks.Who knows see you in London, huh Julia Aguilar?