Leather Plissada Short and Long as Perfect Leave

For you who are a woman with fashion, and already have a little more life, you know that the pleated skirt has been around in other times, and now comes back with full force and all the versatility that women dream of elegant pieces such as.

Women's Pleated Skirt

The models are usually more rounded and bringing the charm of the fine folds that leave a beautiful effect on the pieces.

And they arrive in varied lengths that go from the short to the long ones, being able to enter in common looks as well as glamorous looks and with all the formality of the social parties.

To put on a pleated skirt is to ensure a sleek and modern look, and they combine with all body types, disguising measures both for less and more, and for this must use the right models.

And to create a cool look you can bet on blouses, t-shirts and regattas, for more common occasions.

And for parties betting on a long pleated skirt combined with a silk shirt, for example, is guaranteed a look of success.

Looks With Short Pieces

Image 1- Four tips of divo and very charming looks where it brings the short skirt in the pleated model in which they bet on slacker blouses inside the skirt in visuals to bet at any time of day.

Picture 2 – Short skirts with more delicate colors, in the pleated model, where both four invest in knitted blouses finest inside the skirt, heels and sneaker bringing comfort and charm even greater.

Image 3- Two divas productions and very well elaborated, in the first look, a short red skirt, with a T-shirt with heart print, a leather jacket giving a more charm, in the other look a skirt with flowery print very discreet , striped regatinha and an orange cardigan giving a charm and even greater highlight.

Picture 4- Here three more looks tips with the short pleated skirt being the star of these three delicate productions and very charming, delicate pieces composing all the production, casual looks to use the day to all.

Image 5 – Color print, attractive colors, where they bet on sweaters with also colored prints among other discreet, delicate visuals and very well designed to use by day and also at night.

Picture 6 – Powerful and mega charming, these four productions brings the short pleated skirt combined with printed shirts, regatinhas, attractive looks and very well composed for those who like to sweep.

Picture 7 – Full of charm and style, this production features a pleated black skirt in the short model, where the model chooses a slacker blouse with a heart neckline on the back, a medium-billed boot with a powerful heel ending with a lot of charm.

Image 8- A short pleated black skirt where she bets on a very stylish T-shirt, to finish she bets on a boot with a very charming thin heel, a side pouch chain handle where it brings an extra touch.

Picture 9 – This look features a pleated skirt in neon yellow with a black ribbon with bow, a white blouse inside the skirt and a biker-style black jacket giving an extra power.

Image 10- In this production, a white blouse with super charming babadinhos, where she bets on the short skirt with ruffle in a neutral color, black trousers, a short butt, a belt and a jacket giving a touch more.

Image 11- A blue satin tank top, in which she chooses the pleated short skirt in the nude with a black belt at the waist, a sandal in the neutral color where she brought harmony in every look.

Image 12- A modern look with a pleated black skirt with white accents, a white regatinha with silver studs inside the skirt, visual where it can be worn on a variety of occasions.

Image 13- Three more tips of looks with pleated skirt, where they bet on thinner blouses, blazer, accessories and the indispensable high heel giving a power to the visual.

Picture 14 – Whether for a formal occasion, or even for night ballads, this look brings a lot of charm, a powerful leap on the edge, with short black skirt on the ruffle, a white shirt and a black blazer giving a greater charm.

Picture 16 – In the black skirt pleated in the short model, they bet on the jump, accessories and delicate blouses, in three super stylish and well feminine visuals, where it can be used in the most varied occasions.

Image 17- For fresher days these first two looks is a great option, where it brings the short skirt in the pleated model as a key part of the production, and for the summer this last look super delicate and cute to be inspired.

You can still combine your pleated skirt with casaquetos, coats, jackets, blazers, vests, cardigans, sweaters among other pieces.

So, do not forget to have a model like this in your wardrobe.

The Pleated Long Skirts Are Ideal For More Formal Occasions

Picture 18 – The long pleated skirts is the key piece to sweep the look, elegant pieces where you can bet on a more basic blouse because the skirt will bring all the charm that the look asks.

Image 19 – Look casual and very charming, where she bets on the pleated skirt pleated in the green water, with a cropped in lace wider, a creeper bringing more comfort and the chest bag giving an extra charm.

Image 20- More neutral tones, she bets on the skirt with a light pink very modern, a basic shirt on the white with long sleeves, and to give a wealth more, the golden belt where gave a very elegant highlight.

Image 21- Here, three inspirational looks where she brings the long skirt with very modern feminine shirts, productions very well composed to use in the most variable occasions.

Image 22- The long skirt on the ruffle is very casual and very versatile, where it combines with all types of blouses, shoes, in which you can put your creativity and good taste in practice to compose looks to use in various cases.

Picture 23 – A red skirt with white blouse slit inside the skirt, a black heel matching with the bag, in the other, the long black skirt with lace detail white blouse, black heel and black purse with gold, looks beautiful and sweeping.

Picture 24 – Long skirt pink high waist, an orange regatta, bikini style jacket in black, accessories bringing an extra charm, inspiring visual and extreme good taste.

Picture 25 – For the night, they invest in the pleated long skirt with modern blouses, belts, bags, heels as part of the look in a perfect combination and devastating.

Picture 26 – In the shirt with a very charming and delicate print, she bets on the pleated skirt, long model with short lining in a very neutral color, the black sneaker where it gave a comfort and created contrast with the zebra print handbag.

Image 27- The cropped orange crochet, where she chooses to combine a pleated black skirt and a yellow bag where it brought a contrast and created a very modern and very stylish highlight.

Image 28- Flowery skirt in a very charming print, to match she chooses a navy blue regatinha with transparency detail in the handle, a golden belt giving an extra highlight.

Picture 29 – Two tips of looks very delicate and charming, where it brings two long skirts in the well-pleated pleated model, in which both invest in cropped to combine the look.

Image 30- The long white skirt with knee-length lining to combine the cropped jeans in a very charming jeans, a sandal on the white model, where it has brought more comfort.

Picture 31- Finishing, three beautiful visuals and very well elaborated, betting on modern pieces where it brought these three inspiring results with pleated skirt marking very stylish presence.