Get Out Bell:a Romantic Model Full of Personality

Learn how to put on incredible and incredible looks for various occasions with the bell skirt

We already know that the skirt is one of the most feminine pieces of the fashion world and there are several models available for you to create looks in the style you want.

If you love productions with a touch of romanticism, a good request is the bell modeling, which is more tight on the hip and loose on the bottom, sometimes even with a little babbler .

The bell skirt is very democratic, it transits between all styles, because you can use it with a T-shirt for day to day, more elaborate sweaters for a ballad, or even a blazer for more formal nightly events.

You can find the bell skirt in several styles:mini, leather, print and midi , meaning you are likely to find one that is your face.To help you create beautiful productions with this skirt model, we’ve come up with some style tips with the personal style consultant, Cintia Cortez.

Miniskirt bell

The darling model at the time of riding looks for the ballad.The consultant gives a hint to use this model of bell skirt:”to leave the look very feminine, wear the waistband of the skirt at the height of the navel and put the sweater inside the skirt, marking the waist.” Always welcome, thin-strap sandals make the look more elegant , but if the occasion is more casual, sneakers and sneakers are the right bet.

Get out midi

The midi model also gained space in all versions of skirt, as well as dresses.”The midi version with a sandal or heel makes the look even more romantic.To bring modernity to the look, go tennis or oxford, “says Cintia.

Get out white bell

In addition to being a neutral color, white is a great choice for daytime events, especially on warmer days.”White, because it is a neutral color , goes well with any tone, but to stretch the silhouette, opt for light shoes too,” says the consultant.

Get out black bell

“It’s a joker skirt and more democratic, because it goes well with everything. A proposal of composition can be with blouses that have details on the shoulders to soften the focus of the hip, “explains Cintia. The black bell skirt is a good fit for more formal occasions and even for work environments.