Skirt for Big Legs

A lot of women struggling to unveil their curves which complexent them. Yet, women with generous curves have everything as much allure as the others! The proof with these 20 great shots of fashionistas who we prove that skirt and round thighs make good household.

Skirt and round thighs, sticky or not?

It is one of the big questions that arises when we want to associate skirt and round thighs. Should I wear a Leotard, and especially where to find its size?

On the first part, know that there are no rules. However, in winter, when it’s cold, the sticky is a must. You like Black opaque tights or the fancy color or hairnets, where you said where to find tights big size here.

In the summer when it’s hot, the question arises rubbing of the thighs and injury that it can cause. Don’t worry, you can find the recipe here.

1 Tanesha Awasthi

Her name is Tanesha Awashti and is the head of the fashion blog large Girl With Curves. Here, she proves to us that we can have beautiful curves and wear the tutu as a person anyway.

2-Triena Deniese

Skirt and round thighs? No worries, do like answerresume, adopt the poofy skirt that hides the curves and high heels for maximum allure!


To wear a short skirt without too revealing her legs for as much, do like Dana and adopt the skirt with fringe, very trendy and ideal when you want to conceal her curves slightly.

4 Stylish Curves

Meanwhile, Stylish Curves chose to adopt the long skirt gold, perfect to concoct an evening dress or a very chic party look.


Curves or no curves, no question of depriving a cut skin-tight and colorful! It’s like Georgina and assume it.

6 Danielle Vanier

The pleated skirt is also very fashionable in the winter of 2016, we therefore adopt it for a day as for evening wear outfit.

7 Chanel Boateng

The beautiful Chanel Boateng is not afraid to reveal her nice round thighs, and she is quite right. This black and yellow look is just him going to delight!

8 Loey Lane

This time, it’s the beautiful Loey Lane who reveals her generous thighs with this Cup skater skirt and this very original cat t-shirt!

9 Stephanie Yeboah

Plaid and perfecto leather jacket, we love this look totally canon of the very pretty Stephanie Yeboah!

10 Mary Southard Ospin

Her generous curves does not try the Slinky skirt, and she is right. Marie Southard Ospina is absolutely adorable in this cute outfit.


Kristine of blog Trendy Curvy, she decided to adopt the skirt split on the front and colored. A very elegant look to reproduce with your eyes closed.


As Loey Lane, Audrey from the Big blog but not to Big adopts the animal t-shirt but also the perfecto leather and the skirt with print, very good duo to reproduce here as a matter of urgency.

13 Sarah Rae

Maxi transparent skirt, this is an original way to hide/show her plump thighs. Very casual, we adopt it as soon as the weather.


As Tanesha, Gloria shows us that we can be very round and try the tutuquand even. Associated with a tank top and a cream colored vest, is a very delicate outfit that one gets.

15-Gabi Fresh

A skirt trend seventies, this is what offers the blogger Gabi Fresh with this fall outfit

16 Nadia Aboulhosn

Split skirt and crop top with, it’s the good Duet makes us discover here Nadia Aboulhosn.


Fabellis on the other hand we also offers an idea of look very nice to go to work or when you want to adopt a chic outfit for the day.

18 Stephanie Zwicky

A vintage skirt featured on answerresume, opaque tights and a teddy, here’s an idea of outfit for the winter we offer here the beautiful Stéphanie Zwicky.

19-Mimi fashion blog

We finish our 20 pictures of round girls in skirt with this very nice look proposed here by Mimi fashion blog.