10 Ways to Wear a Sarong

Summer has arrived, it’s time to wear the sarong, one of our favorite allies, to tie in many variations, really easily.
Very handy when we wear a bathing suit, it hides the flaws and preserves prying eyes, however, the secret lies choose it in quite extensive, for it could also serve as a dress, skirt, pants or tops. Are you ready? We have found 10 really nice ways to tie the sarong, you only have a little ‘of creativity. Here’s how:

1.Pareo cross-dress in front

Place the pareo behind his back just below the shoulder blades. Wrap the body by grabbing the two corners and incrociateli front by passing them under the arms. Cross the two ends and annodateli behind the neck.

2.Pareo shoulder dress

Pareo approached by a side of the body by passing a hand under his arm, knotted the two corners on the opposite shoulder and at waist make a second node to have more fit with long sleeve summer dress from Summerdressesstore.com.

3.Pareo cocktail dress

Tie the corners of the shorter side of the pareo and strung an arm slot that you have created.Wrap the sarong around your body. Get closer to the lower limbs and annodateli alive.

4.Pareo tunic dress

Knot the two outer corners of the long side of the pareo into two internal points equidistant, stick your arms through the holes you have created and make two knots on the back at the height of the back and hips. Add a belt to tighten and sblusare the waist.

5.Pareo band with knot

Place the pareo behind his back holding in each hand corners. Crossed in front of you the two edges by joining the sarong to the body and then make a tight knot right above the breast.

6.Pareo skirt with bow

Folded in half and wrap the pareo behind the lumbar. Crossed in front of the two flaps and annodateli with a bow.

7.Pareo harem pants

Tie the corners of the short side of the sarong around his waist and pass those opposites between the legs and the back annodateli.

8.Pareo cut dress

Join two triangular folded sarong or square scarf exactly half of their base. Lay them on the body and knotted the two corners at the neck. Knotted behind his back the outer edges of the triangle.

9.Pareo asymmetric dress

United a corner choice of two scarf or sarong square overlapping. Lay them on one shoulder and tied around the waist pareo in front of you. Then knotted in front of you the two corners of the pareo behind you.

10.Pareo knotted with a bracelet

Place the pareo behind his back at the shoulder blades, bring the two front corners and let them go into the bracelet. again separate the flaps and annodateli creating the cups on the back of a bikini.

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