Daily Chic Fashion

Ilaria Leccese is a law student in Rome for 22 years. In his free time blogging on his Daily Chic which is only open for three months. Why did you choose this name? “With’ Daily Chic”, I wanted to express my desire to create chic outfits, but at the same time everyday.
All the outfits that I propose, in fact, are designed and worn by me for a specific occasion. My blog is a kind of diary where I record my look for any different occasions. “JuliAranel”, the link of my blog, is instead the nick of my Youtube channel, which I set before you open the blog. It consists of Juli, that comes from my middle name, Julia; and Aranel, which is an Elvish name that I always liked as a child.” The Ilaria style? Well, quite different: “I do not have a real” style”, I like to try everything… I am convinced that fashion is also this: experience as much as possible and never precluding a leader just because it is not in their own style.” Continue reading

Lace Outfit Ideas

Just got back from my holiday in Scotland where, between a cold wind and a downpour, temperatures only allow boots and jeans, I guarantee that my ideas girls’ summer outfits “you were really on its last legs. And, I tell you the truth, this outfit I created a bit ‘so, watching with a lot of bent head and a “mmmh” unspoken on his lips my closet. And then I decided. Continue reading

The Figure of a Woman

We are still in time where women are super dressed and decorated like Mannequins wonderful, tiratissime and equipped. I’ve talked about this aspect that has characterized the entire 800 when I have made ​​known Worth in this article and then Poiret , but today I want to talk about what has slowly started to change since the middle of this century. The figure of the woman, as I anticipated, was always very externalized, its forms (especially the cleavage) emphasized with lace bodices and close up to score rigidly the waist, the hair brought exasperation with forced cotonature, the swollen skirts with layers and layers of fabric… a tortuna we would say! And well, after the first few years where, as they were happy to show the skirt more pompous to be the most beautiful, well, they just started to get bored of being used in this manner, and therefore recognized, only for their aesthetic appearance. Continue reading

The Diamond Style

Monica, blogger for The Diamond Style , Cagliari is a 21 year old girl who opened her blog a year and three months ago. It is a student of languages ​​in September decided to try the test for obstetrics and speech therapy. Monica calls his “complex” style. “The key word every morning order is changing, given my 300 pairs of shoes and my compulsive passion for them. Day after day I create looks that are different from each other, but despite that I love almost always wearing a garment basic”. The ritual question, why this particular name for his blog. Monica told us that.. “I chose the name The Diamond Style a bit for fun and a bit to reality. Tattooed on his left shoulder I have a diamond with the initial of my sister, this is how much she’s precious to me being the most important person in my life, and therefore felt that the fashion unique and undisputed passion that has accompanied me for more than ten years, I decided to give it this name.” Continue reading

Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

You finally get there, the end of the winter isn’t too far away. And to celebrate the event, we offer a great skirt size colorful. Because in the spring of 2016, the trend is to fancy. See for yourself.

In the spring of 2016, bet the colorful skirt

You don’t believe? Yet the return of fine weather will come soon now. Evidence if it were needed, new trends for this spring 2016 are starting to unfold.

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Man Wearing Skirt

This week, an ad campaign showing a boy wearing skirts was greatly discussed by experts and aspiring figure 21 century fashion. A marketing ploy to mobilize social media and draw attention to a brand that’s not very pleasing in their latest collections.

Those who know the history of clothing, you know that man wear a skirt or dress is nothing new even in this century and even in many centuries ago. Those who know the fashion history knows that Jean Paul Gaultier for over 20 years have placed men with skirts on their runways and who know the recent history of the Louis Vuitton also knows that your former Creative Director, American Marc Jacobs, had a very recent phase where she wore only wore skirts. Continue reading

Long Skirts in the Windows

Summer coming and we’ve waited to find trouble when buying clothes. In April/2011 published a post titled “Fashion Autumn Winter – Opportunity to find modest clothing”. In this post, we talked about taking advantage of the season to buy clothes that fit us standards of modesty.

This week, window shopping in the city centre, I realized that, despite the common difficulty of finding modest clothing during the summer, the fashion spring summer filled the Windows with skirts and dresses. Many of the models are quite suitable to be used for Christian women. Continue reading

How to Wear Flared Skirts

The flared skirt is a classic of the Decade of 1950 and until today composes with elegance the wardrobe. There’s nothing more feminine than a poodle skirts and combine with the accessories, the shoe and the correct shirt, the look is impeccable.

How to use flared skirt

This is a type of skirt that can be any length, from below to above the knee. The important thing is that it is used in the waist-high, to mark well the region. Therefore, the ideal is to buy her a little longer to be able to use it without showing too much. A model that is on the rise is the so-called evasê, with only the round bar. Continue reading

Biking with Skirt

Biking With Skirt Or Dress-No Deep Insights

We love our bike and wear skirt-like only both together is not. Shucks, for the penny in your pants-trick is as simple as ingenious-and kept us before embarrassing Entblößungen cycling.

We are absolutely sure: all the luck in the world… located on the saddle of a bicycle! There just not the problem with the wrong clothes.

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How to Sew Pencil Skirt

Today, we offer you a sewing tutorial : the pencil skirt. How to take your measurements, create the pattern and sew at all. Let us explain!

Sewing tutorial

And if we were a pencil skirt ? But an easy pencil skirt, without tongs, without zipper.So, if that’s possible! With United stretch fabric or
patterns. If it works, we can even be several, why not, once we have the

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