Oscar Skirts Dresses

The day dawned Abass. Ash clouds, wind, fog and cold. And, I confess, I was a lazy crazy to get up. The good things of working at home: when it’s cold outside you cata the your laptop, put on a pillow in your lap, and spends the morning working out of bed. Today, that with my bowl of yogurt and granola in my hands, I did research pro achadões, posted, I answered some emails and went to see what was going on on the internet. All of the bed. Continue reading

The History of the Vintage Style of Skirts

Dear readers, today we are talking about the history of vintage fashion starting with the 20’s up to the 60’s of the last century.Times are changing, and so fashion also takes on some of the socio-cultural influences.Especially the image and the role of women are constantly changing.

This article is intended to give you a brief review of the past … Continue reading

Plus Size Fashion Outfit Ideas,Skirt and Blouse

With us to start the series Plus size outfits for women with curves. We want to present here beautiful combinations of your curvy outfits. Apply and show us your very individual, unique styles .

Inspired by the rays of the Sun and the pleasant spring temperatures, Katharina presents her plus-size outfit today. Her style is more elegant and classic, but it bears also like to time athletic: jeans, sneakers, and a Cap.

“I like to wear scarves and shawls, so I can disguise my big bust size a little. At the same time I can put colorful accents”. Continue reading

Modern Short Skirts Outfits Shopping Guide

Women who want to be fashionable in ballads should want to have the most beautiful looks and today I come with models of short skirts that are indispensable for you looking for a beautiful look and also modern.

These models are very sexy being perfect for women looking to raze at night, black models or dark colors are the most sought after but you can opt for colorful models and combine with beautiful blouses and beautiful shoes. Continue reading

Little Black Skirts Dress with Sneakers

Until a few years ago we never thought of wearing a suit with sneakers and instead, for several seasons, it is one of the combinations fashion that one can choose from. Everything about the fashion that never ceases to amaze and continues to launch strange and improbable trends that fashion addicts , and not only, Always welcome with great enthusiasm. Continue reading

Stylish and Fashionable Dresses of Long Skirts

Summer Long Skirts 2013.

The long summer skirts are up for the 2013 season, not to mention they are stylish and give women lots of freedom and elegance. The prints are very varied, and can be floral, geometric, abstract, animal print, plaid, striped, psychedelic, and in larger or smaller covers, they really are for all tastes. Continue reading