Hand Sewn Zippers for Skirts

Sew zipper in like a real tailor, and use your hands to the task instead of your sewing machine.

Yep. Hand-sewn zippers are one of the features that separates skrædderiet from clothing sewing (as industrial sewing also called). And though it may sound like something untenable something that goes up more or less by themselves, so I can reassure you that it is in no ways is the case. Continue reading

About High-waisted Skirts

But first, we need to look at the silhouettes, which usually works.

It is actually all the combinations with the tight skirts.

We have in fact – with jersey fabric took – accustomed to both upper and bottom can be tight. So keeping you under the part on the slim side, eg. with a pencil skirt, a sleek skirts or an easy a-line shape, you have a whole lot of types of parts to choose from. Continue reading

How to Become Delicious in a Skirt

As promised in the article about body types, here comes the second part of my lectures from Creative Days fair 2016. That talked I and Maria, as I have written the book Sew Skirts together with, about how you are going to look really good in the clothes that you sew.

One of the things I talked about in the lecture, how do you combine your tops and bottoms, so you get the right proportions and the appropriate silhouette in the vehicle. Continue reading

Colors for Fat Ladies

Who says good to wear the clothes you’re forced to have a size 38/40 and with no forms? In fact, the fashion world as well is finally starting to clear, it is the beautiful curves of the clothing worn and it is precisely for this reason that the soft and curvy girls can show off the latest fashion look and be absolutely beautiful and fascinating! Continue reading

Sports Outfit Analysis

Many readers ask me what to do a woman with X figure if it increases over the years in the waist and abdomen. If just the narrow waist – is the trademark of this character type – in the mature age of 50, 60 or 70 years not more so narrow as usual. In all fashion guides as we know is that the woman should emphasize your waist with hourglass figure. The also applies when in the middle of the body a few pads have accumulated?

In my present outfit analysis I present my mother you – I call them here just rehab. Quite by chance, Gallagher has a X figure. And with its 75 years but actually a few pads on belly and waist have taken root on her curvy hourglass silhouette. Continue reading